Nikon D600, 1/640 sec at f/4,5, ISO 320, 58 mm


6 thoughts on “Lonely

    • Hi James
      I’m finding the D600 really great. the light coming through the viewfinder, the low noise, and the clear and crisp photos. I find it quite easy to handle and I couldn’t be happier! It’s my little camera dream come true. But I have to discover this camera and what it can do further…

      • Wow! I must see if I can hire one out with a couple of lenses, before making a decision to purchase one as I have also been looking at the Canon 5d as I have some lenses of my fathers but no camera body as I was using my Leica R8 at the time. have a great weekend and I am really enjoying the work you are producing

      • Thank you very much, james… Actually a good idea to hire a camera before buying… I bought this camera with the kit lens, in the future I need to upgrade lenses, too. But for now, I’m having a great time with the kit 🙂 I enjoy your work very much, too.
        Watch this space. Maybe something completely different in pictures may be comming soon 🙂

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