Go Green!

Go Green!


7 thoughts on “Go Green!

    • Thank you very much, James. The D600 is a magnificent piece. However, i’m a little bit disappointed in the kit lens – the 24-85mm. Really Big distortion on that one. So whenever there is lines in the picture you have to do a bit of a work to straighten things out. Otherwise I think the lens is ok. But it has always been my intention to buy a better lens… Or two 😉

      • Shame about the kit lens but then this is usually the case these days, forcing us to buy the more expensive lenses. I still feel you are getting great results though, but I understand where you are coming form with regards to want to up grade some time in the future as you like I look at our work and can say to ourselves as we are our own worst critics, …if only I had had……..this lens or this bit of kit. But I always say, the camera can only take you so far. As a photographer you have to see and understand the image you want first of all. Have a great Sunday..

      • You are so right. It’s a race, we want bigger and better lenses, but it all comes down to ourselves. This “Go Green” picture, I have stared at the lines forever! Actually ruining the pleasure of the colors and the motive… A shame. I need to get over myself! 🙂 It is a perfectly good lens, for now while getting to know the camera. Later on I will upgrade. Thank you for your words!

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